Friday, 18 March 2011

Sunset on 23 Things

It's been a real journey doing 123 Things, we have had our ups, downs, twists and turns but I have reached my destination (small cheer). I wanted to have the confidence to try out new gadgets and techy things without automatically thinking 'it won't work for me', 'I don't know what I'm doing' and to end up with the boring things I know and use. For instance today I've finally had enough of IE and all its hang-ups and quirks and dumped it for Google Chrome which is a real improvement for the work I'm doing and much faster to load.
The 'Things' I will use and plan to stick with are Diigo bookmarks,  iGoogle (my hamster needs me), Googledocs and Flickr among others, but everything I have looked at and tried has had its merits, and I can always revisit them in the future.  
Using web 2.0  from libraries perspective - well it has got to be a good thing to move forward with. It can really enhance your day to day work and how you manage it, and keep you in touch with the wider world through feeds and Twitter and see what everyone else is up to.
I have enjoyed blogging about the experience and wonder what to do with this Blog now it's over?

Image credit ericcomando89

Friday, 11 March 2011

Pink eyes in the morning - what you been up to?

I decided not to join the Library blog and edit a Wiki page instead, I chose Angela Carter and just put in a missing ISBN to one of her titles and looked at another author's page that I like and added a couple of titles to the bib list.  I didn't feel confident or qualified to change much really, but it is something I could do if I saw wrong or incomplete information in the future.
The other thing is the Google docs. I have used these in Resource Delivery before and if you have a straightforward password (which we didn't at the time) it is a good way to all use and edit the same document. I uploaded a document which it may be useful for Suzanne and myself to share, it lost some of the formatting but I really like the idea of not paying loads of money for packages, when you can get them for free.
Had a look at Slideshare, and searched around, mostly I have to say it was what you expect from presentation packages that have had their day. However if you were in need of ideas or had not a clue where to start it could benefit someone somewhere, if this is a bit vague it's because it's been a very long 23 Things and I've run out of ste..

Image Credit: Westy599

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty in Pink

I have been looking at Flickr for ages it feels, but I never got round to blogging about it. Setting this all up was really straightforward and very rewarding to see your photos up there and share with friends, family or the world. I've shared some of my cactus flower pics with the group, I hope to have lots more flowers again soon now it's warming up again. I will put in a pink flowering one (of course) here as a preview.

                                                        Image credit: henhewit
I also looked at flickr for images using the Creative Commons license and enjoyed looking through some YouTube clips - there will be no excuse when 23 Things is over!
This has probably been the most interesting 'thing' so far and one where I will keep my account and use it.

Kitten Needs a Job

This one is for Sharon, happy birthday!

What is a Public Library?

I know it's American, but the message is good

Monday, 21 February 2011

Pink sky at night - bloggers delight

Had quite a good play around with Diigo today (he didn't mind) and apart from a few quibbles, mostly I'm sorry to say with the instructions, I think it's a very good tool and I will get a lot out of it. I like the highlighting and post it function and that my home favs and work will merge creating a big mess.
I cannot get the tags to function as I would like and recommend sorting them out as much as possible before importing them, just in case they become widowed (ahh).
I really don't want to create an account with Zotero or Endnote Web, so I have just looked at them for now. I don't think they will help me day to day although if I was studying then it all sounds very useful, the video for Zotero looked impressive, but that's marketing for you.

Camping at Hadrians Wall (we set it on fire to keep warm)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rose tinted glasses

I'm definitely going to run out of pink related colours any minute... now. The past few weeks following the programme has by turns been interesting, frustrating (I'm not technical) and exciting! I will miss it when it's done and dusted. For me it's a case of use it or loose it, so I am persevering with Twitter, even though it should be 'intuitive' to use.  I have also enjoyed doing the blogs, after an initial embarrassment about it. I need more time to investigate what I can do with the technology and just get to know the functionality better to gain confidence, when that happens - who knows where it could lead? We are already doodling meetings within the team, so that's been helpful and I will look into using FireFox as a browser, but maybe at home instead.
I don't know how this will help in my everyday work but the main thing for me is the confidence to try out the new technology - with support, enjoy it and find the application for it as I go along.